After general studies related to producing the fruit tobacco, by the assistance of well experienced and graduated specialist, Nakhl Dokhan Adel Co. Could register it’s Articles of Association on 2005 and began its business activity. After necessary studies in the field of R&D and formulization of different flavors of fruit tobacco and equipping the factory with modern machineries and other facilities and raw materials, this company succeeded to attain its production permit from Iranian Tobacco Company (ITC) and in the first step, it began producing the products with 8 flavor in two types of packaging including cardboard and steel with “Algadir” Brand. Fortunately, by producing the high quality products, it could be considerably succeeded to exports its products to European and Asian nations besides achieving a great portion of national market. Most experts in the researching center of this company have higher education degree in the field of R&D part with 30 years of experience in the field of tobacco and present their papers and studies to the International Center of Tobacco (CRESTA) located in UK for every year, therefore, by their ceaseless effort they could produce variety of products by maintaining their quality and increase it to 30 different flavors in several packaging and are always try to improve the quality of products and meet the customers satisfaction. All raw materials used by this company, whether essence, glycerin, honey and colors are 100% edible (of USP grade) supplied from the best manufacturing companies in European countries. Tobacco used for producing such products is under the license of Iran Tobacco Company (ITC) prepared from the best varieties, made internationally and nationally and after washing and de-soiling as well as reducing the creosote and nicotine and after passing etching period, they entered to the production process. All products are according to international standards and for attaining the quality of its products, this company packages its products by seven kinds of coatings by modern machines and then dispatch them to the target markets. The objectives of this company for its future, besides designing and formulating new flavors, include improving the quality of its products by specialist employed in R&D department of the company as well as national and international customers satisfaction and meeting their needs by sales department of the company. It is to note that according to the attempts to related specialists for products, this company succeeded to achieve certificate ISO 22000 and ISO 9001. Best Regards Nakhl Dokhan Adel Co.